The Real White Quartz

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Minerali Industriali has been producing particularly white quartz fillers for about ten years. The main application of these fillers is in the Engineering Stone sector as a mineral filler mixed with polyester resins.

The main feature of the filler is the white color value (b * <0.5; L *> 93.5) comparable to cristobalite.

For many applications, it can be a valid and cheaper substitute; for others, thanks to the marked transparency, it can improve the ability to limit the “synthetic” effect, thus giving the product more depth and a color closer to natural.

There are many solutions, for example by mixing 0.1-0.3mm cristobalite grains with our particularly white quartz to obtain infinite ranges of color.

Application sectors

The constancy of the color and the granulometric curve also share its use in many other sectors such as:

  • Industrial production of sanitary ware or slabs for whirlpool baths or floors,
    laid on site where other types of resin such as acrylic or epoxy are used as binders.
  • Paints and varnishes,
    where high mechanical resistances are required but with a high white content.
  • Silicone or plastic sheaths,
    for covering electrical cables.

Our Quartz

Where does our quartz come from

The quartz comes from the Sondalo mine (SO): it is the largest underground mine in Europe currently in operation.

Products and Packaging

The products, divided according to the granulometric curve, are the following:

The Real White Quartz
The Real White Quartz
The Real White Quartz


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