Sustainable Development & Environment

Minerali Industriali is a company traditionally dedicated to the safeguard and the improvement of the grounds subjected to their own production activities. A shared attitude that spurred the company to constantly invest in various projects of recovering exhausted mining sites (for more information visit the website

Environmental recovery interventions are carefully planned according to:

  • the morphological characteristics of the mining sites to be recovered;
  • the ideal use of the mining site according to its edaphic characteristics (weather conditions, ground, vegetation and fauna);
  • future use potential of recovered areas by the local community.

Through real examples and already implemented projects, Minerali Industriali wishes to highlight the possibility of combining the interests of a safe production of minerals and those of actual environmental conservation.
The successful recovery of an old mine in Masserano, in the province of Biella, which was converted into two parks (for restocking of birds and butterflies respectively), is a clear example of that.