Sustainable Development & Environment

Minerali Industriali is a company traditionally dedicated to the safeguard and the improvement of the grounds subjected to their own production activities. A shared attitude that spurred the company to constantly invest in various projects of recovering exhausted mining sites.

Through real examples and already implemented projects, Minerali Industriali wishes to highlight the possibility of combining the interests of a safe production of minerals and those of actual environmental conservation.

The successful recovery of an old mine in Masserano, in the province of Biella, which was converted into two parks (for restocking of birds and butterflies respectively), is a clear example of that.

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Environmental recovery interventions are timely planned according to:

  • the morphological characteristics of the mine areas to be recovered;
  • the vocation of the site based on the edaphic characteristics found (conditions of climate, soil, vegetation and fauna);
  • the future potential for the community to use the recovered areas.


Minerali Industriali has always based its activities in compliance not only with the mandatory rules in each sector, but also implementing a series of actions aimed at sustainable development through respect for biodiversity and the struggle to climate change, such as a series of environmental recoveries that went beyond a simple restoration of the areas, increasing the environmental value of the territory. The company respects its Human Resources, both in terms of equal opportunities and social dialogue, adopting its own Code of Ethics also in terms of sustainability.

For these reasons Minerali Industriali has decided to formalize its work in relation to sustainable issues with the adoption of the Sustainability Report, to provide its stakeholders with a formalization and complete information on the dedicated commitment.

The year 2020 marked an important moment in the development of our company, as the first Sustainability Report of the parent company Minerali Industriali saw the light of day, the result of a journey of reflection and awareness of our role as a enterprise within society. The first edition of our Report represented a unique and extraordinary opportunity to touch the enthusiasm of the people who work in this company, including in relation to sustainability aspects. Seizing this momentum, in 2021 we wanted to do more and involved all the companies that are part of our Group to offer an increasingly complete and comprehensive reporting, in line with our commitment to our Stakeholders.
In 2022 we decided to subject this Report to limited assurance by an external auditor, to give even more value, reliability and transparency to the reporting of non-financial data. This assurance constitutes a new starting point to be able to more consciously define medium- to long-term objectives integrated in our future Plan of Sustainability.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we present the 2022 Sustainability Report of the Minerali Industriali group: an additional opportunity to show, year after year, not only the evolution of our growth path but also and above all the commitments undertaken to contribute with strength and awareness to the social and economic development of the community of which we are part, within the limits of what is materially possible.

Giorgio Bozzola – Chairman

Sabrina bozzola – CEO

Lodovico Ramon – Deputy Chair

Vera Ramon – Director


For 2022 Minerali Industriali confirmed the EcoVadis 2022 Silver Medal.

A recognition that certifies Minerali’s compliance with social responsibility and sustainability.

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