Savelpor 50

The only eco-sustainable glass foam produced in Italy at km 0

SAVELPOR 50 is produced using waste glass otherwise destined for landfills, therefore it protects the environment, is completely ecological and optimizes the product life cycle. With the reuse of waste, new precious raw materials are not consumed, energy is saved, CO2 emissions are reduced while respecting the climate and resources are conserved, with a double benefit: economic and environmental.

Eco-friendly, Eco-sustainable, Recyclable

SAVELPOR 50 goes beyond the concept of traditional economy “take, produce, throw away”, representing the new sustainability model “Reuse, Reduce, Recycle” guaranteeing a life cycle whereby someone’s waste becomes a resource for someone else.

“Every end is a new beginning” is in fact the principle on which the circular economy is based. Unlike other materials that must be sent to landfill at the end of their life, SAVELPOR 50 is totally inert and can be recycled countless times, all for the benefit of the environment.


What it is and how it is done

SAVELPOR 50 is a glass foam obtained by expanding glass powder at high temperature (800 ° C) which comes from the recovery of glass cullet otherwise destined for landfill, suitably treated and with additives. At this temperature the glass “foams” and exits the oven as cellular glass.

Coming out of the oven, in contact with the air, the glass foam breaks independently into centimetric size, which contains a huge amount of air inside, responsible for the excellent characteristics of insulation and lightness.

Properties and benefits

  • Thermal insulation
    SAVELPOR 50 is composed of millions of closed pores saturated with air, which give it an excellent insulating value.
  • Absence of thermal bridges
    resulting in high thermal comfort, even in the most sensitive areas of buildings such as corners and external walls, keeping the heat inside.
  • Lightness
    SAVELPOR 50 is about ten times lighter than gravel (150 kg / m3), it does not burden buildings or transport costs. The weight of SAVELPOR 50 always remains the same even in the event of rainfalls, since its closed cell structure does not absorb water.
  • Stability
    Even in seismic areas: in the case of a simple replacement of the ground, the excavation is replaced with SAVELPOR 50 to lighten the load.
  • Compressive strength
    The load resistance of the surfaces is comparable to that of gravel (700 kN / m2). The foundations in SAVELPOR 50 join the load-bearing layer to the insulating layer. Walkable from the moment it is laid.
  • Perfect drainage
    After compaction (factor 1: 1.3) SAVELPOR 50 continues to have 30% of air-saturated pores that optimize drainage and immediately divert water, keeping foundations and walls dry.
  • Frost protection
    The closed cell structure of SAVELPOR 50 prevents the penetration of water, excluding the feared damage resulting from freezing and thawing, thus also preventing the effects of freezing and ensuring antifreeze foundations already 20 cm thick.
  • Fast speed of installation, dismantling and recycling
    Its light weight reduces operating times to a few hours; its versatility combines technical and thermal benefits in a single product. Otherwise, to obtain the same results, several days of work and the use of different building materials would be required. The choice that combines quality, innovation and economic savings.
  • “Three-dimensional” modeling
    It can be modeled up to 45 ° without the need for lateral supports and can be applied on surfaces with a slope of up to 15 degrees because it does not roll.
  • Fire behavior
    Fire class A1, flame retardant
  • Healthy living environment
    Because moisture, and therefore mold, is kept away from buildings thanks to the SAVELPOR 50 anti-capillary block, given by the closed pores saturated with air.
  • Environmental tolerability
    and sanitary as inert and with neutral pH.
  • It requires no maintenance
    for the entire duration of use: it is rot-proof, is not affected by external effects and resists damage caused by insects and rodents, therefore it has an unlimited duration.

Fields of application


  • Horizontal / vertical thermal insulation
  • Housing renovations
  • Passive house


  • Roads, foundations, driveways
  • Rockfall protection, canalization and drainage works

Sport & Leisure

  • Swimming pools
  • Sports fields
  • Green roofs / Vertical forest
  • Gardening / Landscaping

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