Recycling and Recovery

logo_miningGlass Recycling

Minerali Industriali recycled glass treatment combines traditional ore dressing processes with the most recent sorting technologies. This way, Minerali Industriali ensures the total recovery of the glass waste: an eco-friendly solution with an high quality cullet production.
The aim of the glass waste treatment is to remove pollutant materials, such as ceramic, plastic, metals and organic residual.

Ceramic waste recovery: sanitary ware and tiles

Sanitary ware and tiles manufacturing processes always produce a small quantity of scraps, but its accumulation may become a problem. Recover of this fraction means to reduce the scraps stock, to avoid to put in landfill and to produce a pre-fired raw material, with the same quality of the final product and with saving firing energy properties.
Minerali Industriali ceramic waste treatment plants are a real solution, successfully adopted by many ceramic ware factories.

Fiberglass recovery

Fiberglass waste and scrap are usually disposed in landfill: currently fiberglass waste can’t be reintroduced as it is in the melting process. Minerali Industriali patented an innovative technology to recover this precious material. The result? A regenerated raw material ready to be used in the normal fiberglass production.

and much more…

Minerali Industriali successfully treats and recovers artistic glass, lamp glass and CRT monitor front glass. Minerali Industriali is also available to study, propose and realize tailor made solutions to recover a large variety of waste or scrap (ashes neutralization, sludge treatment, slag, etc…).