Production Units in Italy


MINERALI INDUSTRIALI: mines and factories in Italy.

Eight production units, for guaranteeing absolute regularity, which is maybe the most appreciated quality in the ceramic industry. Raw materials are extracted exclusively from its own large-size mines.

In Masserano (province of Biella),production is successfully destined to single firing, porcelain stoneware, sanitary ware and other cutting-edge industries. In Masserano the industrial production of micronised products (up to 2 microns) has also been started, not only for the traditional ceramic industry, but also for many other industrial sectors, such as rubber, plastic, silicones.
Moreover, vitrite is obtained by recycling cast iron production waste. For further information, please click here.

Masserano Factory, contacts:
13866 Masserano – BIELLA
Frazione Cacciano
Tel. +39 015 951.7057
Fax +39 015 951.7058


ACDAL Mine in Lozzolo (VC) has begun operating in the early ‘900: at that time, 300 workers used to win manually some of the most renowned clays. Nowadays white body and red body tiles are mainly produced in Lozzolo, along with synthetic granite. For further information, please click here.

Lozzolo Mine and Factory, contacts:
13045 Lozzolo – VERCELLI
Via Virauda 1
Tel. +39 0163 891.21
Fax +39 0163 892.22


The Production Unit of Santa Severa (Rome) is the only one in Italy where kaolin -renowned for its whiteness- is obtained for sanitary ware and lacquer. For further information, please click here.

Santa Severa Factory, contacts:
00050 Santa Severa Nord – ROMA
Tel. +39 0766 570.261
Fax +39 0766 571.624


The ECOMIN Factory has been providing products for ceramic tile and sanitary ware industries, as well as for the glass-making and soda and potassium feldspar industries from pink and white granite since 1992. Its activity is characterised by an extremely important environmental insight: the recovery and treatment of granite production waste as ornamental stone. Thanks to the advanced treatment of the mineral, an excellent product for porcelain stoneware, sanitary ware and glass is obtained from a material that, otherwise, would not be usable.
In this way ECOMIN is managing to reclaim the very old spoil banks of Lago Maggiore, in the shelter of Mont’Orfano and Monte Camoscio, in the province of Verbano Cusio Ossola.
This has two benefits: on the one hand, avoiding that new extraction sites are opened; and, on the other hand, solving those hazardous situations, not aesthetically pleasing at all, caused by the spoil banks of materials that could not be disposed of otherwise. For further information, please click here.

ECOMIN Factory, contacts:
28048 Verbania
Via 42 Martiri, 193 S.S. 34 Km 3
Tel. +39 0323 586.798
Fax +39 0323 496.245


Mine and Factory of Boca (NO)
The rhyolite mine in Boca (NO), acquired by Minerali Industriali in 1995, is producing 150,000 tons/year of material. Extracted material is treated in the nearby crushing and screening plant. Materials from different mining sites are mixed, so as to guarantee homogeneous properties for the finished product. Products treated in the plant – “Rhyolite S1″ and “Rhyolite S”- are supplied as bulk with grain size 0-6 and 0-200 mm. For further information, please click here.

Boca Mine and Factory, contacts:
28010 Boca – NOVARA
Via San Grato, 1 Loc. Serveno
Tel. +39 0322 872.20
Fax +39 0322 874.88


Quarry and Factory of Sondalo (SO)
Nowadays the quarry of Sondalo, which was opened in the mid ’60s, is underground. The silica content of the extracted mineral exceeds 99%. Almost 30,000 tons/year of quartz for the crushing mills of Bernate Ticino (MI) and Cacciano di Masserano (BI) are extracted here. They are used in the ceramic tile and ceramic sanitary ware industries, and in ceramic paint factories. Additional uses are: granules for flooring; and crushed rocks as raw material for ferroalloys. For further information, please click here.

Sondalo Quarry and Factory, contacts:
23035 Sondalo – SONDRIO
Loc. Bosco del Sasso
Tel. e Fax +39 0342 801.417


Factory of Bernate Ticino (MI)
This factory produces powder feldspar and quartz. There are three production lines, one of whom is dedicated to quartz grinding. Input material is crushed, dried, subject to iron removal and, then, ground, with a total output of approx. 70,000 tons per year. Then, product is stocked in one of its ten silos, and, upon request, it is packed in 25 kg paper bags on pallets, or big bags. The factory also features covered warehouses.

Bernate Ticino Factory, contacts:
20010 Bernate Ticino – MILANO
Via V. Veneto, 17
Tel. +39 02 97.54.084
Fax +39 02 97.255.870

MAFFEI SARDA SILICATI: business, production and market.

This company was founded on 1 April 2009 from the merger through acquisition of the two Sardinian entities being part of Minerali Industriali.

MAFFEI SARDA SILICATI is characterised by a strong focus on technology, along with the priority of its targets relating to premium production.
It meets the needs of the most demanding companies: feldspathic sand for clear and crystal glass, feldspar for glass-making and ceramic industries, kaolinitic clay for ceramic.
The Company exploits soda feldspar deposits (albitite) in Central Sardinia, more specifically in the area of Orani – Ottana (Nuoro); it also exploits feldspathic sand in the area of Ossi-Florinas and treats it in the factory of Ossi, province of Sassari. Lastly, it exploits soda feldspar in Buddusò (Olbia-Tempio Pausania).

Produced minerals are used in the ceramic tile industry (single firing and porcelain stoneware) in the district of Sassuolo, and in the sanitary ware industry in the district of Civita Castellana (sanitary ware). Products are also exported, especially to Spain, to the ceramic industry district of Castellon de la Plana.

Maffei Sarda Headquarters, contacts:
07030 Florinas – SASSARI
Zona Ind. San Lorenzo – Str. Prov. Florinas – S. Antonio, Km 3
Tel. +39 079 438.163
Fax +39 079 438.537

Representative Office:
08026 Orani – NUORO
Loc. Ciarumannu
Tel. +39 0784 74737
Fax +39 0784 74875

28100 Novara
Piazza Martiri della Libertà, 4
Tel. +39 0321 377.600
Fax +39 0321 391.874

Buddusò Mine and Factory, contacts:
07020 Budduso’ – SASSARI
Località S. Separata
Zona industriale

Sea Gull


Production Unit of Florinas
The exploitation of the feldspathic sand mine of the Monte Mamas deposit began in 1990, and its development plan gets to 2030.
The factory is able to meet the needs of the most important companies of the ceramic industry, as well as of those of the glass-making one, and can rely upon the most cutting-edge technology for the treatment of minerals: magnetic separation, filtration, flotation, etc.
The treatment plant in Ossi can provide the market with more than 800,000 tons/year of products, whose quality is certified by the internal laboratory, equipped with the most advanced control instruments. For further information, please click here.

Florinas Mine and Factory, contacts:
07045 Ossi – SASSARI
Località Sas Renas – Str. Prov. Florinas – S. Antonio, km 3,5
Tel. +39 079 438.163
Fax +39 079 438.537


Production Unit of Orani
Orani production unit consists of one main opencast mine (Ispaduleddas), and other secondary opencast mines, along with a nearby treatment plant for extracted minerals, located in Ciarumannu. The unit also includes a logistic-administrative department with offices, warehouses and quality control laboratory.
Feldspar extraction from the Ispaduleddas mine began in 1990, from a previously existing mining site that had been abandoned.
These opencast mines are exploited through selective mining, by blasting or by using mechanical means, according to rock compactness. Ciarumannu treatment plant started operating in 1992. It consists of two crushing sections (primary and secondary) where the mineral is processed mechanically by crushing, cleaning and screening.
The obtained marketable mineral is a granule with grain-size of 0-6 mm. In 1999 an optical sorting machine (Sorter) was also used in Orani production unit: it was the first time in the world that laser technology was being applied to feldspar production. For further information, please click here.

Orani Mine and Factory, contacts:
08026 Orani – NUORO
Località Ciarumannu
Tel. +39 0784 74737
Fax +39 0784 74875


Production Unit of Ottana
The production unit of Ottana has been operating since 2000. It consists of various opencast mines and one treatment plant located in Badu e Carru.
Moreover, it hosts a logistic-administrative department, with offices and warehouses. The dry-process production consists of three crushing sections (first, second and third) where the mineral is mechanically processed by crushing and screening; finished product is a granule with grain-size of 0-6 mm.
Open cast mines are exploited through selective mining mainly by mechanical means and, only in few cases, by blasting. For further information, please
click here.

Ottana Mine and Factory, contacts:
08020 Ottana – NUORO
Località Badu e Carru
Tel. +39 0784 75778


Sustainable Development and the Environment
Maffei Sarda Silicati has committed to a sustainable development of its business based on a clear and extremely ethical environmental and corporate policy for the safeguard of future generations, thus contributing to the improvement of the life quality in the areas where it operates through its professional, technological and financial resources.
This is evidenced by the Certificate of Excellence it achieved (quality, environment, safety).