logo_engineeringGeological surveys and technological laboratory

The geology department of Minerali Industriali has a long experience in mining research and consultancy services. Thanks to its support, several deposits of sand, clay, quartz, and feldspar were discovered and later exploited in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and in Central and South America. The geology-related activities of Minerali Industriali cover all the stages of mining research: detection of sites of interest, deposit characterization, planning and design of the works required for exploitation and environmental restoration. The technological laboratory of Minerali Industriali features a wide range of instruments guaranteeing complete support in the performance of the major technical tests required for material characterisation and recovery.

Sale of mining machinery and plants

Minerali Industriali distinguishes for innovation and technical development, and has applied the concepts of automation and flexibility to the mining industry where great structures and machines are often required. Thanks to its many years of experience, Minerali Industriali has currently become a player in the market of mining machinery and plants, and boasts highly flexible devices capable of giving a fast answer to customer needs in an important international market. Not being bound a specific manufacturer, Minerali Industriali selects the best machines on the market or, in the absence of satisfactory solutions, designs and develops new machines: RHP high pressure rolls, HED-13 dryers, MAG-3 magnetic separators. Minerali Industriali’s technical staff coordinates and manages the assembling operations all over the world. Turn-key solutions by Minerali Industriali include plant commissioning as well as staff training, which can be carried out at company’s facilities before commissioning.