Green revolution in Sardinia

Green revolution in Sardinia

Maffei Sarda Silicati, a company within the Minerali Industriali Group, operating in Sardinia for over thirty years, providing silica and feldspar sands for the ceramic and white glass sectors, will play a leading role in the region’s green revolution with the award of a new project for the construction of a green hydrogen production plant on a decommissioned industrial site. The project is financed with over €5 million from the funds of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) (formerly Ministerial Decree 463/22, allocating €500 million and planning 30 plants in Italy). 


An important project that the company will undertake in an area of the extraction site between the municipalities of Ossi and Florinas, which has been decommissioned and environmentally restored. The project involves the installation of a 1 MW electrolyzer, a compression and storage station for the produced hydrogen, and a multifunctional room accessible to visitors. This room will allow visitors to immerse themselves in a true journey into the world of hydrogen and delve into essential topics for energy transition. Additionally, the plant will be powered by a photovoltaic park, serving the electrolyzer with a nominal power of 1.5 MW. 

The plant will produce green hydrogen, derived from a water electrolysis process powered by renewable energy sources, emitting no carbon dioxide. This makes it a clean and sustainable energy source. 

The project proposal envisions a production of 44 tons per year of green hydrogen at full capacity, with the possibility of increasing it to 130 tons per year. The hydrogen will be primarily used at the production site of Maffei Sarda Silicati for self-consumption and as an alternative to natural gas in the production process, contributing to the ongoing corporate decarbonization and avoiding the release of an annual quantity of CO2 equivalent to 314 tons into the atmosphere (equivalent to the average annual emissions of about 100 utility vehicles). 

The surplus could be allocated and injected into the gas network: Italgas in Sardinia is implementing the first project aimed at experimenting with the entire value chain of green hydrogen or could be used to fuel refueling stations for vehicles. 

“We believe that this represents a great opportunity for us, given the exclusion of Sardinia from the hydrogen pipelines that will be built between Africa and Italy; if we want to use pure hydrogen, we will have to rely on what is self-produced in our territory.”

Federico Fiorelli, President of Maffei Sarda Silicati. 

A great opportunity and a significant challenge, not only for Maffei but also for the municipal and regional territory: the authorized projects in Sardinia under the PNRR are very few, with only 3 approved for the creation of Hydrogen Valleys (Porto Torres, Ossi, and Carbonia). 

Green hydrogen is one of the keys to a sustainable energy transition. 

And Maffei Sarda Silicati and its partners are ready to take on the challenge!