Gold Medal Ecovadis for Minerali Industriali

Gold Medal Ecovadis for Minerali Industriali

The Minerali Industriali, based in Novara, has been awarded the Ecovadis Gold Medal for its activities in 2023. This significant recognition attests to the continuous commitment towards sustainability and corporate social responsibility. 

Ecovadis is a global assessment platform that evaluates the sustainable performance of companies worldwide. The Gold Medal is a high-level acknowledgment demonstrating the achievement of exceptional standards in various areas, including environment, ethics, labor, and human rights. 

The Path of Minerali towards Sustainability 

The journey of Minerali towards sustainability formally began in 2020 with the establishment of an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) office and the drafting of the first Sustainability Report. 

Over the past three years, the company has expanded the scope of its actions, from monitoring environmental impact and increasing investments in renewable energy to assessing the sustainability of its supply chain by involving suppliers through a Code of Conduct and a Sustainability Questionnaire, drafting new more inclusive policies on Human Rights and Diversity & Inclusion. 

Through strategic initiatives, targeted investments, and consistent efforts from the entire team, the company has demonstrated a genuine belief in achieving virtuous milestones in terms of environmental and social responsibility.

The journey towards this milestone has been a shared path, marked by challenges and successes that have shaped our corporate identity. This Gold Medal is not only a recognition of our past but also a commitment to the future. We have invested time, resources, and passion to implement sustainable policies that reflect our core values, and we will continue with this dedication to solidify our positive impact”. 


Giorgio Bozzola, Presidente