University in quarry to explore georesources

University in quarry to explore georesources

Teachers and students of the “Ardito Desio” Department of Earth Sciences of the Statale – University of Milan talk about the world of mineral resources. The video, created as part of the promotion of Earth Sciences (Scientific Degree Plan) and in accordance with the Departments of Excellence Project (MIUR 2018-2022) “Geosciences for society: resources and their evolution“, tells a journey through innovation, sustainable use and reclamation of mining sites.

From the primary role that georesources have today, also in view of the energy transition which will require a large use of them, in this video the Department explains the methods of research, analysis and sustainable use of minerals: in the context of exploration, geophysics allows the non-invasive study of the subsoil through electromagnetic measurements; in the context of laboratory analysis, analytical techniques, such as X-ray diffraction or spectroscopy, allow a geochemical characterization of individual minerals by identifying their meteorological, structural and textural characteristics.

Minerali Industriali contributed by hosting the filming at the Sondalo quarry, in Alta Valtellina, the largest underground quartz quarry in Europe currently in operation. Alberto Cazzaniga, head of Mining Research for the Group, accompanied the working group by illustrating the activities inherent to the professional figure of the geologist, fundamental for the correct management of natural resources.

We thank the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Milan for involving us and allowing us to host and talk about our reality.


Watch the Video: