Champions of sustainability 2023/2024

Champions of sustainability 2023/2024

Minerali Industriali among the 286 Italian companies most attentive to sustainability. This is stated in a ranking drawn up by the German Quality and Finance Institute which, in its latest report entitled “The champions of sustainability” 2023/2024 edition, recognizes the Novara company in 190th place.

Based on an online survey that collected 10,671 opinions from employees of companies with at least 300 employees in Italy, the 286 Italian companies that operate in a particularly sustainable way from an ecological, economic and social point of view have been certified.

The study investigated 17 aspects of sustainability with specific questions to which the interviewees answered by indicating the efforts made by the company on a scale that includes five judgments, from the most positive to the least. On the basis of these assessments, the final grade was calculated, which provides for a maximum score of 100 (a value that no candidate has managed to reach, however).

The companies that obtained a score equal to or higher than the average of the analyzed sample, which was equal to 65, were awarded. The reviews were sent by employees or former employees of the companies and their opinions were assigned a weight of 86 % in the final score. The remaining 14% of judgments come from people able to evaluate companies based on their direct experiences.

Great achievement, and great recognition, of our constant commitment to sustainability!