Cultural exchanges between music associations

Cultural exchanges between music associations

Great success in Domodossola for the final performance of the cultural and musical exchange between SuoniAMO and AMSA associations.

Last April, young musicians from Domodossola had the opportunity to be guests in Portugal, in a project that involved numerous very young talents. The initiative had the merit of promoting culture and music through an international exchange, allowing the participants to discover new artistic horizons and create lasting bonds.

The exciting conclusion of this extraordinary cultural journey took place at the Rosmini Theater on July 11, where a unique concert marked the end of the exchange. During their three-day stay in Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, the young Portuguese were able to appreciate the local scenic wonders and immerse themselves in the culinary traditions of the region.

Artistic director Alberto Lanza of Suoniamo association proved to be the beating soul of this project, coordinating every aspect of the organization and ensuring the success of the entire cultural exchange. President Michela Colli, before the beginning of the concert, wanted to warmly thank all participants and enthusiastically emphasized the perfect success of the initiative.

Minerali Industriali wanted to support the project with a financial contribution, as a unique opportunity for young musicians from Domodossola and Portugal to compare, learn from each other and make meaningful connections.

The cultural exchange allowed them to explore new melodies, styles and musical traditions, broadening their artistic horizons.

The cultural and musical exchange between the Suoniamo and AMSA associations demonstrated the importance of promoting art and culture among young people, overcoming language and cultural barriers and building bridges of mutual understanding in the spirit of a united Europe. This initiative enriched not only the lives of the participants, but also the local community, which had the opportunity to witness a unique concert.

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Thanks to artistic director Alberto Lanza for helping to make this event happen.