The importance of training sessions for Minerali Industriali

The importance of training sessions for Minerali Industriali

Minerali Industriali, in collaboration with Sasil, on May 11, 2023 had the pleasure of receiving at the mines and related facilities for mineral treatment and recovery of non-hazardous industrial waste from the perspective of circular economy the engineers belonging to the group of the Order of the province of Biella.

An intense day of training and exchange of views on issues related to circularity, sustainability with a focus on strategic raw materials and safety at work.

Minerali Industriali strongly believes that the events organized in the company play a critically important role.

These meetings are an excellent opportunity for both parties involved to share knowledge, develop specialized skills, create professional networks and promote innovation. This event has been deemed eligible to acquire training credits, provided for in our legislation.

The events we organize aim to create a stimulating environment in which professionals in the sector and companies can exchange opinions on important topics seen from different perspectives. They can take different forms, such as workshops, internal conferences, technical presentations or training sessions, through the sharing of experiences, best practices and results of specific projects.

This exchange of knowledge not only improves individual skills, but also promotes the creation of a collective learning environment within the company, creating the opportunity to face “better equipped” the evolution of the sector, favoring a more aware technological approach regarding the many challenges we are all called to face.

Minerali Industriali through these meetings becomes a fertile environment to promote internal innovation with the aim of pooling its ideas and skills to develop innovative solutions, creativity, and collaboration between heterogeneous environments.

Investing in the realization of events of this tenor for Industrial Minerals is essential to keep the company at the forefront and stimulate in all its collaborators that curiosity that then leads to successful projects.