Assorisorse approves activities, institutional programs and the 2023 forecast budget

Assorisorse approves activities, institutional programs and the 2023 forecast budget

Assorisorse on April 12, 2023 approved its activities, institutional programs and the 2023 forecast budget.

Assorisorse is the Confindustria Association made up of companies committed to enhancing natural resources and intellectual skills through technological innovation and circular economy that aim to decarbonize industrial processes and achieve environmental, economic and social sustainability.

It is organized into four Sectors: Mining, Subsurface Energy Resources, Services, and Carbon Neutrality & Circular Economy.

The Mining Sector includes Companies that extract a wide range of solid minerals, which constitute raw materials and/or additives for industrial productions. For the national supply of these minerals, it is crucial to have clear and predictable legislative references to support the competitiveness of companies and for a sustainable land use policy.

The word to Tiziano on the theme of critical raw materials that in recent weeks especially, are repeatedly published in the media:

“I want to take stock first of all of the mining part, which, after years of media neglect, we have realized that, with the proper rules, it is fundamental in the development of a sustainable society. After years of globalization we have realized that exploiting the resources of developing countries with very loose rules is not a sustainable way, besides putting ourselves in a subordinate position.
Focusing back on home, in order to start mining again in Italy the minerals that we have taken on as critical and\o strategic, we need to restore a mining culture that takes into account social and environmental aspects and not an environmental culture that does not take into account mining aspects.”

Leveraging on this aspect, it describes the salient points from which to start to reach the goal of what the new strategy of the European Union and National:

“1- mining education, restoring University and Diploma courses to prepare the new technicians who will be needed to develop the new mining and mineral processing activities. Let us remember that about 30 years ago the Mining Engineering courses in the Polytechnics and the same courses in the 4 Mining Technical Institutes that existed in Italy were cancelled;

2- a mining-environmental regulation on a national basis, not on a regional basis, that is enforceable with clarity and certain timeframes so that entrepreneurs, both public and private, can plan with reasonable certainty the return on the large investments they will have to make;

3- map, as ISPRA has already begun to do, active and decommissioned mine sites by reasoning about geological maps focused on these critical minerals that, until a few years ago, were not considered;

4- support with adequate financial instruments the enormous amount of research and investment that will have to start in a very short time to try to catch up with nations that, in long-term planning, have been much more far-sighted than us.”



He concludes with a focus on the technology side, saying that companies are already ready to meet the new challenges to implement technologies to develop sustainable supply chains.