Educational experiences in the mine

Educational experiences in the mine

On March 29th an educational meeting was held between Minerali Industriali and classes from the Volterra-Elia secondary school in Ancona, address “Chemistry, Materials and Biotechnology articulation Chemistry and Materials curvature Environment&Energy.”

Students and their teachers, had the opportunity to visit our factories, discovering the techniques for the processing of raw materials.

The morning started with a detailed briefing on the safety measures to be taken during the visit with the delivery of safety devices, followed by a general presentation of our group with focus on the history of Minerali Industriali and the operation of its plants and mines not only in Italy but also around the world.


They delved deeper into our operations when at Sasil, in Brusnengo (BI), the guys, accompanied by their teachers and our supervisors, got to enter  into the heart of our plant, discovering our sands, quartz, granite and glass scrap and their processing through washing, grinding and drying processes.

This was followed by an afternoon at the plant of Masserano – fract. Cacciano (BI) plant preceded by a visit to “Arcobaleno park”, a former Minerali Industriali quarry at the end of the 80s, since 1990 restored and dedicated to events organized with local communities.

An important message that our group wants to convey, especially to younger people sensitive to these issues, is precisely respect for the environment and its enhancement.

The guys then delved into the heart of the

MTC (Minerals Treatment Center) plant, a facility that on a small scale reproduces various industrial treatment processes (crushing, screening, grinding, washing, magnetic/gravitational separation, flotation, optical selection) with the aim of performing reliable tests for their own plant choices.

Then the day ended with a more in-depth visit to the central laboratory where our team carries out analysis and research every day in order to study new technologies for sand treatment while maintaining high quality.

Encouraging educational visits is fundamental for us, as these moments are configured as integrative and complementary to the educational-didactic activities of the school, they are an integral and qualifying part of the educational offer. They are a valuable support for communication and socialization, as well as the broadening of the cultural horizon, a valuable opportunity for feedback and deepening of what is covered in the study activities.

For these reasons, we would like to thank the attentive and curious students and their teachers for the interest and trust given to us (prof. Giuseppe Di Pietro, Elisabetta Lanzetta, Lea Messini, Barbara Raschia) and the participants who actively contributed to make this day pleasantly constructive (Alberto Milani, Valeria Buratti, Tiziano Mestriner, Raffaello Grazioli, Lodovico Ramon, Vera Ramon, Mauro Oioli, Davide Ovio, Lucio Bordignon, Simone Salvetti, Alberto Cazzaniga, Andrea Spano).