Politecnico students in visit

Politecnico students in visit

Friday 4 November a group of students from the Politecnico of Turin, Engineering for the Environment and the Territory/Environmental and Land Engineering, course 2022-2023,  was hosted at our factories with the aim of offering them an overview of the technologies used in the processing of raw materials.

Focus on the processing of glass waste for the students of the Raw and Waste Material Engineering course.

In Sasil, in Brusnengo (BI), the students were able to view the functioning of the various departments for the treatment of quartz, sand, granite and glass cullet.

First an external visit to the heaps of raw materials before treatment to view the various materials and their differences. Then the visit to the heart of the plant, with greater attention to the treatment of glass cullet, then moving on to the washing, grinding, drying departments up to the flotation and sections relating to the rolling mill and the furnace for the production of foam glass.

The visit then continued in Cacciano (BI) at the plant where the Minerals Treatment Center (MTC) was installed, a pilot plant that allows many industrial treatment processes, both wet and dry, to be reproduced on a small scale, and to consequently perform reliable tests to optimize your plant choices.


The students were able to see in detail all the equipment and machines for the wet treatment of sands (sieving, grinding, friction washing, gravimetric separation with spirals and flotation), and the operation of the high pressure rollers and wind separators (dry plant), concluding with an optical sorting test on Sondalo quartz, carried out with a Mogensen machine, our partner in the project.

The visit then concluded with the Central laboratory and the ventilation line to see an ‘industrial’ size roller mill in operation.

We thank those who participated in this day of training and sharing:
Prof.ssa Paola Marini and Prof.ssa Rossana Bellopede, of the Turin Polytechnic.
For SASIL: Tiziano Mestriner, Mauro Oioli, Raffaello Grazioli, Vera Ramon.
For MTC: Alberto Cazzaniga, Eugenio Salvaia.