Laminated ABS clay: raw material suitable for the production of large slabs

Laminated ABS clay: raw material suitable for the production of large slabs

The lack of a fundamental plastic component such as the illitic clay from Ukraine has opened up possibilities for the introduction of alternative raw materials that can partially replicate its technological characteristics such as linear shrinkage, water absorption and specific surface, however penalizing the color due to the high content of chromophores.

In this regard, Minerali Industriali can offer to the market its national clay from the Lozzolo mine (Vercelli province): laminated ABS clay.

The characteristics of this raw material are due to the mineralogy which sees the presence of clayey minerals which confer high mechanical resistance, an essential feature in the production of tiles with particular reference to “large slabs” with sizes reaching 1.500×3.000 mm.

The crystalline structure of the clay minerals present in the ABS clay allows the developers of ceramic bodies to combine it with other clayey raw materials in partial or total replacement of the Ukrainian clays which have been used for a long time by tile manufacturers.

Another aspect that the Ukrainian crisis has led us to take into account in the development of ceramic bodies is undoubtedly the geographical origin.

In order to achieve logistical efficiency (also from a green point of view) and a greater stability for the national market, Minerali Industriali has recently launched a project that can allow the reopening of some railway stations that directly connect the Piedmontese production plants with the Sassuolo area.

The article was published in CER, the journal of ceramics, n.392