FUSION technology: innovation and sustainability

FUSION technology: innovation and sustainability

With the acquisition of the Manfredini & Schianchi company, Minerali Industriali becomes the owner of the FUSION patent, an innovative technology registered for sustainable ceramics.

The FUSION process has been studied with the aim of achieving excellent homogenization characteristics, smoothness and density of the final granulate, as an alternative to the normal atomization of the slip, a system currently used for the preparation of the lands to be pressed.

After grinding the hard and soft fractions of the dough in two dry grinding lines (equipped with machines optimized for the treatment of raw materials with different hardness) the fine particles undergo a mechanical compression calibrated in the FUSION system.

The result of this process guarantees an excellent mixing of all the raw materials of the formula and a great stability, in the following stages of pressing, drying and firing, allowing the production of large format tiles, with a great aesthetic effect but with a low environmental impact.




Here is the main machine for grinding hard minerals: RHP 46, a versatile, efficient, light and reliable machine:


And here the main machine for grinding soft minerals: the MOLOMAX pendular mill, a single machine that allows for drying, grinding and wind separation:

Not only technological advantages, but also and especially environmental ones.

Minimized the environmental impact, since water consumption is reduced by 80%, the FUSION technology, combined with technologies for the recovery of waste heat from the furnace, allows to eliminate the use of gas and consequently the emissions of CO2, allowing the production of truly eco-sustainable ceramic materials.

FUSION is a real revolution for the production of ceramic bodies, also because it guarantees an overall economic saving of more than 50% compared to the costs of the traditional system (considering the specific costs of electricity, methane and ETS prior to the crisis as a calculation basis).


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