Central Laboratory – The company’s DNA

Central Laboratory – The company’s DNA

Strongly convinced that quality is a distinctive element to differentiate itself from competitors and to be recognizable on the market, Minerali Industriali pays particular attention to all aspects relating to quality. In this regard, a central role is played by the Central Laboratory located in Masserano, in the province of Biella, which has sophisticated product analysis tools, establishes centralized control procedures and coordinates the activities of the laboratories present in each production unit.

A section of the Central Laboratory is also dedicated to the study of new materials treatment technologies to further diversify the product offer.

An important part of the annual budget is invested in Research and Development projects for the research of new technologies, new formulations of new mixtures for the industrial sectors we supply and solutions for the requalification of industrial waste.


The Central Laboratory in Masserano also plays a fundamental role in the business strategy of the company Minerali Industriali Engineering, supporting the activity of Solution 360 by providing simulations of each type of treatment on the samples received in order to define the optimal preliminary layout of the plant that will allow to obtain the final product with the required quality: https://www.mineraliengineering.it/solution-360/phase-2/



Characterization analysis, specific tests, mineral treatments and ceramic preparations and treatments:

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