Minerali Industriali and company training

Minerali Industriali and company training

Training in the company means investing in people to increase the skills of both the individual and the work group as a whole. We believe that the result is not only the professional development of the individual, but that it helps, as a consequence, the growth and sustainability of the company business in the long-medium term.

It means providing employees with motivation and knowledge to enable them to perform their duties in the best possible way. It means filling in gaps and developing talents.

When it comes to training, it is always important to remember that what you are doing is an investment for your company: more qualified and prepared collaborators work qualitatively better and receive incentives to continue positively, for a 360° corporate success.

Training for Minerali Industriali is therefore a precious tool so that each employee can enrich themselves, grow and improve their skills on essential issues such as sustainability, development, quality, energy, safety.

The resources invested by the Group have contributed to the growth of our team, increasing their motivation to acquire more skills to perform their work in the best possible way, always keeping in mind the objectives to be achieved, in the awareness that this will also generate benefits on the professional path within the company.

During 2021 Minerali Industriali focused on non-compulsory training by offering its employees courses on Managerial Development, Leadership, Lean Practitioner, Sustainability, Quality, Energy Efficiency.

Without forgetting the compulsory training, which has maintained a high level of involvement.