Minerali Industriali sponsor of Hypermaremma

Minerali Industriali sponsor of Hypermaremma

HYPERMAREMMA, the contemporary art festival conceived to activate the Maremma area, in southern Tuscany, accelerates its vocation as a major project in dialogue with the territory through exhibitions, debates, sound experiences and site specific interventions developed by artists invited to relate to the history of places.

Now in its third edition, the Hypermaremma event – which last year, in the middle of the pandemic period, had a media, social and exceptional presence thanks to the work Spazio Amato by Massimo Uberti, a 16-meter writing positioned in a field of wheat that ended up being the most visited contemporary art work in Italy – is ready to start again.

Minerali Industriali participates in the event as a sponsor for the supply of sands for Marco Emmanuele‘s site specific set-up, entitled “10000 Seahorse Power“, built at the Stalle di Sant’Irma on the hills of Capalbio and visible from 10 July to 30 September.

After two years Hypermaremma returns to contaminate one of the most evocative places of the Maremma tradition: the stables of Sant’Irma which, for the occasion, will see the large external walls of the riding school live again with a mural by the emerging artist Marco Emmanuele who will present a large painting visible throughout the summer.

The project stems from the artist’s working method, who creates the pigments by grinding the small pieces of glass found along the beaches, witnesses of the human attitude to colonization and alteration of places but also indissoluble components of the Mediterranean scenario.

The installation formalizes the desire to bring order between the materials used: sand and glass, one potential ancestor of the other. An abstract landscape in which artifice and nature merge, along the stables of the stables of Sant’Irma, among the dust raised by the Maremma horses.

To grind the glass required for installation, an engine of about 10 HP (horsepower in steam) is sufficient, and according to an estimate the power of the same engine would be equivalent to that of 10,000 seahorses.

Source: www.hypermaremma.com

Read the press release here: https://www.hypermaremma.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/10000-seahorse-power_It.pdf