Minerals, Environment and Biodiversity

Minerals, Environment and Biodiversity

For Minerali Industriali group, landscape protection, respect, enhancement and conservation of nature are corporate priorities.

The philosophy adopted by the Group is to restore to the environment the characteristics it had before exploitation, if not to improve it.

In the past, unfortunately, no importance was given to the environmental recovery of disused mining areas, this has left deep wounds in the landscape that nature has not been able to completely heal.

The targeted work of man was necessary, aimed at transforming the old mining poles into renaturalized areas.

This was precisely the goal on which Minerali Industriali group worked with the collaboration of highly qualified people.

The work carried out through the various recovery plans has concretely demonstrated the compatibility between production and environmental protection.

For our modern society, the extraction of minerals has a vital importance, but no less so is the protection and respect for nature.

The highly specialized restoration work of Minerali Industriali group demonstrates that it is possible to appropriate these raw materials and at the same time to pay the debt with the environment, restoring those functional characteristics to the preservation of life.



Management of biodiversity

While it is true that quarrying can temporarily disrupt the life of wild fauna and flora, it is also true that, if properly managed during the recovery phases, it can have positive effects, offering an active contribution to the conservation of biodiversity.

The Minerali Industriali Group is committed to a recovery strategy so that the ecosystem damaged by the excavations could come back to life, paying attention to all the useful aspects to recreate an environment suitable for the natural settlement of endangered species.

The financial commitment of the Minerali Industriali Group combined with the collaboration of Lucio Bordignon, ornithologist, nature expert and since 2011 coordinator of environmental restoration in the Group’s former mines, has allowed the achievement of the set objectives, the same ones celebrated on World Biodiversity Day: a day set up to remember the importance of safeguarding the wealth of living species and which, this year, was dedicated to sustainable development.

We are part of the solution is the common thread of 2021: “From nature-based solutions to climate, health, water and food security, to sustainable livelihoods, biodiversity offers us the foundations on which we can rebuild a better future” (UN).

The wish of the group is that its experience can be a stimulus to other companies to undertake an eco-compatible mining route, which restores beauty and vitality to the exploited nature.


Nature Projects in Mining Areas is a short documentary that tells the restoration and coordination of Lucio Bordignon on former mining sites of Minerali group:

We want to highlight that behind what you see when visiting the restorations there is a great intellectual and organizational effort to ensure that where there was an excavation or a bare wall, a plant and animal community can be born, not only autonomous and compatible with the surrounding territory, but also useful for the conservation of biodiversity.


On the restoration activities carried out for the group, Lucio Bordignon wrote:

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Mount Mamas restoration

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