Suez Company for Minerals- a recognition for Egyptian workers

Suez Company for Minerals- a recognition for Egyptian workers

Suez Company for Minerals was born inspired by the key concept according to which producers and consumers of raw materials must collaborate closely, each with their own experience and know-how to respond promptly to requests. of the market.

The plant, which started its production in 2013, deals with the production of ventilated materials such as feldspar, siliceous sands and quartz, for the production of ceramic bodies and glazes, as well as granular minerals for the tile and glass markets.

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During the Ramadan period, the Suez Company for Minerals honored all its staff employed for more than 5 years with an “Iftar” dinner: a total of 35 workers and employees, each of whom was given a small gift and a certificate.

This ceremony was organized to recognize the commitment and dedication that its employees have shown in order to achieve important goals and overcome challenges that have made it difficult for the Company to rise to the Egyptian market.

Suez Company grows thanks to the commitment of all its staff: to date the company has 66 workers and employees in the Cairo plant and headquarters, most of whom come from Suez.

Thanks to them, today the company belongs to the category of large industrial producers of minerals in the area to provide high quality products to local ceramic factories.

We wish SCM to be able to continue on this path and to preserve this level of collaboration between all team members.