Energy Efficiency Maturity Analysis

Energy Efficiency Maturity Analysis

Enea, the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, conducted an analysis of the development trends of maturity in energy management and energy efficiency indicators.

The Agency has drawn up an assessment model to diagnose the level of maturity of the organization to be used to assess the maturity for the same site in 2015 and 2019.

Maturity is linked to the ability of an organization to manage its energy needs, from the purchase or self-production of energy to its efficient use based on the adoption of best operating practices and the appropriate use of the most energy-efficient technologies.

The maturity model is a tool capable of numerically quantifying this ability in order to promote improvement within the organization.

The tool for the assessment of the Maturity in Energy Management

The tool for assessing Maturity in Energy Management is a tool developed by the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” in collaboration with ENEA, in the context of System Research (MiSE-ENEA 2019-2021 Program Agreement, Research Theme 1.6 – WP4 “Definition of best practices and performance indicators for energy efficiency interventions “).

The questionnaire developed by Enea is a free tool that allows companies  to diagnose their corporate energy situation and obtain from the agency the definition of a roadmap for improving energy efficiency on their site.

Trend analysis

The synthetic indicator of maturity is a number, between 1 and 5, which summarizes the level of maturity of the organization in the management of energy consumption.

Two values ​​are defined: the first representative of the situation prior to the 2015 energy audit, the second representative of the current situation (2021).

Analysis of the current situation

The results obtained by all the three companies of the Group indicate that they are now at a fairly developed level of energy maturity. They will continue to develop their strategy by identifying specific objectives in relation to the reduction of energy costs; at the same time, they will develop a real system of integrated and global Energy Management optimized according to the continuous improvement approach.


Minerali Industriali thanks Enea for the opportunity granted and advises all companies that aim to improve their energy efficiency levels to use this tool in order to identify and implement their medium / long-term objectives.