Quarztech – a joint venture in Turkey

Quarztech – a joint venture in Turkey

Quarztech was born in 2018 from the merger of the experience and knowledge of two major industrial groups: Minerali Industriali Srl (based in Italy) and AKG Yalıtım A.S. (based in Turkey), who decide to merge the common desire to invest and serve new innovative markets.

Quarztech’s primary objective is to produce high quality raw materials for the E-stone sector. Widen the market, Quartztech becomes a supplier for many other sectors, such as ceramics, quartz pool finish, building materials and glass. Since the day of Quartztech established, the ultimate goal has always been to provide the best quality of quartz in a short time by offering customers an optimal service based on specific needs, in total respect of safety, the environment and in general all interested parties.

Quartztech exports to various countries in Europe and America, and it relies on a general manager in Turkey and on a sales department in Italy with the aim of better serving customers abroad.


Quartztech was created mainly to serve raw materials for the Engineered Stone sector (composite stone), specifically designing the purity, dimensions and color shades of the raw material.

Widening the production, there are other markets to which we can offer high quality raw materials: finishes for swimming pools, floor coverings, ceramics and building materials are part of Quarztech’s extensive offer, which prepares dedicated materials based on specific customer requests.


Quartztech has, in its factory, a complete treatment chain able to process tout venant raw materials and to produce finished products in grains of various sizes and fillers (powder products).

Quartztech relies on many years of experience in the mining sector and in the treatment of raw materials from the Italian shareholder.

The production chain, starting from the raw material storage area, develops in a crushing, washing and optical sorting system (with a closed cycle of water treatment with cyclone and decanting pools). A second crushing step is applied before the drying system. The dried and selected material is fed to the screening and separation system (with sieves, magnetic separation, optical selection, safety sieve and final storage silos) and parallel to the milling and ventilation system (with double multiple magnetic separation, high purity alumina balls mill and high efficiency air separator).

A final packaging system provides the final presentation of the products to the customer. Quartztech is able to prepare both weighed big bags (directly from the silos) and weighed little bags with a dedicated packaging unit.

Customer satisfaction is our fuel

With daily dedication and commitment, the Quartztech qualified laboratory staff performs routine checks on both production and finished products to always guarantee the quality required by the customer.

Visit the website: www.quartztech.com.tr