Minerali Industriali and Sustainability

Minerali Industriali and Sustainability



On the basis of the Millennium Development Goals, approved in September 2000 by all 193 UN member states that pledged to reach them within 15 years, in 2015, the United Nations approved the Global Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals divided into 169 Targets to be achieved by 2030.

These objectives represent an urgent call to action and cannot be postponed to all the players in society: they constitute integrated and indivisible, global and universally applicable targets.

Sustainability is evaluated not only from an environmental point of view, but also from an economic and social point of view, thus affirming an integrated vision of the different dimensions of development.

Each country has made a commitment to define its own sustainable development strategy that allows it to achieve the SDGs, reporting on the results achieved within a process coordinated by the UN.

The fundamental tool that companies have formulated to do this is Corporate Social Responsibility, whose official definition, in the European context, could be “corporate responsibility for their impact on society”.

A type of responsibility that encourages companies to implement a process that takes into account social, environmental, ethical and human rights, placing at the center of the corporate vision the will to compose and coordinate the multiple interests of the various stakeholders who around the company itself revolve.



Minerali Industriali wants to be a responsible actor within its social environment.

For this reason, it has taken to heart the commitment to pursue the Sustainable Development Goals, adopting social responsibility policies that integrate with the strategic pillars of its business.

The main objective of the group is to find a balance between economic results, environmental protection and social responsibility. The ultimate goal of profit maximization has evolved towards maximizing respect for shared values, ethical codes and integration rules.

Minerali is aware of the role it plays within the company, of the obligations towards the countries and communities in which it operates, and of the duty to act as a responsible environmental administrator.

At the base of the relationships with its stakeholders, whether they are employees, customers, suppliers, banking institutions or public bodies, the group places the commitment undertaken first, which this year will result in the publication of the first Sustainability Report.


How Minerali Industriali wants to achieve the objectives set by the UN:

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